Hillsdale County ISD

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ITV (Interactive Television or Two-Way video-conferencing)


The schools of Hillsdale County now have a fiber-optics network infrastructure in-place.  With this network infrastructure the schools of Hillsdale County can provide an enhanced communication channel for students and partnering schools.  One of the enhanced channels of communication is Interactive or Two-Way video conferencing.  The equipment used is by Polycom and is considered state of the art technology.  With this equipment and the high-speed fiber network the schools are able to perform video conferencing with specifications for up to 60 fps(frames per second) and a 2mb video stream providing DVD quality video communications.  This will allow students throughout the county to participate in classes offered outside their schools curriculum, but offered at another school within the county.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate and collaborate with other students throughout the county in specialty courses and activities.  There are many services that the schools within Hillsdale County can provide with this ITV equipment. 
  • Distance Learning
  • County School Board Meetings
  • NetMeeting video conferencing compatible
  • Video Streaming from a web page so people unable to attend can view the conference or presentation through the web page.
  • Satellite broadcast can be viewed at school districts throughout the county from the ISD's satellite receiver.
  • Schools can video conference anywhere in the world utilizing the Hillsdale County ISD's T1 line.

ISD Equipment

Polycom VS4000
Canon Digital Document Camera

School District Equipment

Polycom Viewstation FX
32" JVC television
Secure Roll-about Enclosure
Canon Digital Document Camera