• Arty the Greenfield MascotWelcome to Greenfield School!
    Greenfield School
    Special Education Facility
    3471 Beck Road
    Hillsdale, MI   49242
    P: (517) 437-0990   F: (517) 439-4388
    Hours: M - F, 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.
    What is Greenfield School? 
    Greenfield School is the Hillsdale County ISD Special Education Facility providing special programs for 5-26 year olds with severe multiple impairments and severe cognative impairments.
    Greenfield School is also home to the Young Adult Program that is designed for Special Education students that Mild to Modert Cognatively Impaired 18-26 year olds. The YAP provides job skills training, basic daily living skills, and guides the students transition plans into adulthood. 


    For more information, please call Greenfield School at 517-437-0990

Last Modified on September 9, 2019