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     Program: Engineering, Drafting, and Design Technologies
    Instructor: Dona Maxfield
    Phone: (517) 437-3729
    Fax: (517) 437-3743

    Course Description:

    Robotics!  Introduction to Welding!  Problem Solving!  Competitive team-building!  Employability skills!  Engineering/Drafting & Design Technologies is a two-year program that encompasses all of these exciting fields.  Engineering students in the program will explore all aspects of drafting and will incorporate science, technology, math, and engineering skills into everyday learning.  Engineering first-year students will learn how to navigate blueprints, drafting terminology, and skills required to be a successful drafter.  Students will also learn how to use the AutoCAD products to create blueprints in accordance with industry standards.   
    Second year students will continue to build the skills they learned in the first year.  If students successfully complete their first three semesters, they will be given the opportunity to work at one of our county’s local businesses.  They will learn advanced drafting skills, complete a complete set of assembly blueprints, and learn to use Solidworks, software.  Second-year students will work on mastering the skills that they will need to obtain and keep related jobs.  Both first and second-year students will learn work performance skills and employability skills that are required for them to be successfully employed in any field.