• Nursing
    Program: Health Science II
    Instructor: Becky Brownlee, RN BSN

    Phone: (517) 437-3729

    Fax: (517) 437-3743


    Program Description
    The Health Science II – program is a health careers class that is tailored to the second year student. This program is available to any high school senior enrolled in a school system serviced by the Hillsdale County ISD that has completed Health Science I. This program will assist the student in developing the foundational knowledge and skills needed in any health care occupation. Through a variety of hands-on, skill-based scenarios, instructional activities, students will develop core healthcare knowledge and skills in medical terminology, medical math, anatomy and physiology, ethical and legal issues, first aid, CPR, communication skills, confidentiality, human growth and development, career exploration and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training.
    The Health Science II –program is a one-year program focused on training in Health Care Provider CPR, and/or CNA training. The ideal student should enroll during their senior year after completing Health Science I. College credits and high school academic credits that are available. If the student successfully completes the   CNA, they can be eligible for licensure in the State of Michigan.
    This program is designed as an entry-level course in the field of Emergency Medical Services and Nursing. Students who are interested in becoming a paramedic, flight nurse, critical care nurse, emergency room nurse, registered nurse, medic in the military, firefighter, and physician, a career in critical care or public safety may benefit from this class. Paramedics and flight nurses must be licensed at the paramedic level. This means these careers require the individual to be licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician. Medics in the military should also have Emergency Medical Technician training. Many full-time firefighter careers require the individual to be licensed as an Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician or a Paramedic. Public safety officer careers require the individual to be a police officer, Emergency Medical Responder or Emergency Medical Technician and a firefighter. The Emergency Medical Services and Certified Nurse Assistant are gateways to careers in healthcare occupations.
    High School Academic Credit:
    The Health Science II program has the following high school academic credits available for those students who successfully complete the program. (Academic credits are awarded by the local high school. For specifics on credits available through this program, contact your high school counselor)
    • Mathematics: 1 – credit
    • Visual-Performing Arts: 1 - credit
    • English Language Arts: 1 – credit
    • Online experience: 1 – credit
    • Elective – 1 or 2 credits
    College Credit:
    Students enrolled in the Health Science II – program may have the opportunity to earn college credit. Currently, the following courses have been approved for articulated credit with Jackson College:

    HOC 130 Introduction to Health Occupations               3 credits
    HOC 110 Advanced First Aid and AHA CPR                   2 credits

    MOA 120 Medical Terminology                                        3 credits             

    Total Credits                                                              8 credits
    Other colleges have similar agreements. Please contact Mr. Brooke Ballee-Stone, Principal, or Mrs. Becky Brownlee, instructor, further information at 517-437-3729

    Work Experience:
    Second-year students may have the opportunity to be placed on a “work experience” or “Job Shadow” at a local healthcare facility. Students may have an opportunity to be placed at Hillsdale Community Health Center as a volunteer during CNA. During the student's placement, they will gain valuable insight into the healthcare profession.

    Career Outlook:

    The need for certified and licensed health care providers continues to be great with increased demand seen for the future. The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives predict higher than expected growth in several health careers between now and 2024.  These careers include Physical Therapist Assistant; Respiratory Therapists, Massage Therapists, LPNs, RNs, Medical Assistants and CNAs.  This 2-year program will give students the foundational skills necessary to complete any of these programs.   For more information on potential careers in Health Care, please click here