Hillsdale Area Career Center
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    Hillsdale, Michigan 49242
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    Career and Technical Education
    The Hillsdale Area Career Center (HACC), a subsidiary of the Hillsdale County ISD, provides Career Technical Education (CTE) programming for any high school junior or senior in any of the eight (8) Hillsdale County School Districts and two (2) charter schools.  Any student who successfully completes one of the programs offered may receive college credits and/or certifications necessary to be able to be career- and workforce-ready upon high school graduation.  Each program is spread over a two-year period consisting of a half day, every school day, which is spent at the Hillsdale Area Career Center. 
    The six programs are as follows: 
    • Construction Trades 
    • Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
    • Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics 
    • Engineering, Drafting, and Design Technologies 
    • Health Sciences I and Health Sciences II
    • Welding, Brazing, and Soldering 

    Each one of these programs offers students a hands-on approach to learning and the opportunity to obtain a work-based study assignment in the second year of the program. Students not only learn a viable trade but also learn Employability Skills that are essential not only in obtaining a job but in keeping a job and being a productive citizen and life-long learner.  


     Mission & Vision
    Our mission at HACC is the same as the mission of the Hillsdale County ISD: "Promoting Education Through Service."  We believe that by training our youth in a viable trade and instilling in them a positive work ethic that we are preparing them for their future. 
    Our vision is: "To maximize student achievement through increased service and collaboration."  We consider what we are doing at the HACC a service to the community we serve and to all Hillsdale County school districts and charters because we are training tomorrow's workforce today.  Our positive collaboration with local business and industry helps to make sure our students are afforded the opportunity to find viable work in the skilled trades while staying in beautiful Hillsdale County.  

     Contact the Career & Technical Education Division
    Jamie Mueller - Principal/Director 
    279 Industrial Dr. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | 517-437-0990|jamie-mueller@hillsdale-isd.org
    Brenda Frank - HACC Office Secretary
    279 Industrial Dr. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | 517-437-0990 x183 | brenda.frank@hillsdale-isd.org

    Other services of the Career and Technical Education Division include:
    • Technical assistance to local districts for vocational and career education.
    • Coordination of vocational education planning within the Intermediate School District.
    • Coordination of data collection and reporting activities relating to vocational education and career education.
    • Development of training programs and partnerships with business and industry.
    • Technical community education offerings in manufacturing, CAD, and computer software.