Hillsdale Area Career Center
    279 Industrial Drive
    Hillsdale, Michigan 49242
    Office Phone:   517-437-3729
    Fax:   517-437-3743

    Career and Technical Education
    Career and technical education programs provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills necessary for successful career entry, advancement and/or continuing education. These skills are transferable as well as job-specific and basic to students’ general education, providing them with the foundation for life-long learning.
    The Career and Technical Education division includes the Hillsdale Workforce Development & Technology Center, Hillsdale Student Homebuilding Program, Career Preparation System, and work-based learning programs.

     Our Mission
    • The mission of the Tech Center is to provide Hillsdale County with a flexible system of education and training for the development and technological advancement of the workforce.

     Contact the Career & Technical Education Division
    Brooke Ballee-Stone - Principal/Supervisor
    279 Industrial Dr. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | 517-437-0990 x175 | brooke.ballee-stone@hillsdale-isd.org
    Brenda Frank - HACC Office Secretary
    279 Industrial Dr. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | 517-437-0990 x183 | brenda.frank@hillsdale-isd.org

    Other services of the Career and Technical Education Division include:
    • Technical assistance to local districts for vocational and career education.
    • Coordination of vocational education planning within the Intermediate School District.
    • Coordination of data collection and reporting activities relating to vocational education and career education.
    • Development of training programs and partnerships with business and industry.
    • Technical community education offerings in manufacturing, CAD, and computer software.