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    Susanne Masters
    Director of Special  Education
    P: (517) 689-1807
    F: (517) 439-4388


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    The mission of the Special Education Department is to provide quality educational experiences throughout each student’s world which include least-restrictive opportunities for all of the students we serve.

    Special Education
    The Hillsdale County Intermediate School District, in cooperation with the eight local districts and two public school academies, develops, implements and coordinates special education services and programs for all eligible disabled students who qualify for special education services.

    The combined school districts in Hillsdale County have a total school enrollment of approximately 5,717 students and directly serve 819 special education students in various programs or approximately 14 percent of our school population.

    The Intermediate and local school districts provide special education in regular and special education classroom programs for students with the following disabilities:
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Early Childhood Developmental Delay
    • Emotional Impairment
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Learning Disabled
    • Mild Cognitive Impairment
    • Moderate Cognitive Impairment
    • Other Health Impairment
    • Physical Impairment
    • Severe Cognitive Impairment
    • Severe Multiple Impairment
    • Speech and Language Impairment
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Visual Impairment
    Each child's abilities are considered in the planning of an individualized education program.  The guiding principles of services provided are free and appropriate public education and least-restrictive environment.

    Referral Process

    Early On                                                       

    Children ages birth to 6, in whom you suspect a deficiency or delay, or a suspected delay due to a medical condition. CONTACT: 517-437-0990 x151

    K-12 Evaluations
    Children ages 7-26 in whom you suspect any deficiency or delay.
    Contact your child's local school administrator.
    Non-Public/Private/Homeschool Special Education Service Request

    CONTACT: Susanne Masters, 517.437.0990 ext. 101 or Jessy Bigelow, 517.437.0990 ext. 105


    Complaint Procedures: 

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