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       Hillsdale County Intermediate School District
       Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


    The District’s public records, as defined under the FOIA, are available for public inspection and/or copying in accordance with the following administrative guidelines.  Exemptions are specified in M.C.L. 15.243.

    The Superintendent or his designee will coordinate and provide FOIA records in accordance with the HCISD’s administrative guidelines.

    Fee for Service:

    The Freedom of Information Act permits a public body to charge a fee for the necessary copying of a public record for inspection or for providing a copy of a public record.

    FOIA Fee Structure


    Deposit:  A deposit may be required for up to half of an estimated fee for orders estimated to exceed $50. 

    $25 and up

    (if required)

    Labor:  Labor costs will be calculated based on the hourly wage of the lowest paid employee capable of retrieving the information necessary to comply with the request.  Labor will be estimated in time increments of 15 minutes; partial increments will be rounded down.  Overtime, should it become necessary, will not be charged unless specifically agreed upon by the requestor. 

    $8.90 per each 15 minute increment

    Searching, Examining, Reviewing, and Separating Records:  Labor costs may not be issued unless unreasonably high to the public body.  If necessary, labor will be estimated in time increments of 15 minutes; partial increments will be rounded down. 

    If issued, $8.90 per each 15 minute increment

    Non-Paper Copies:  There will be an actual fee for the most reasonably economic cost for computer discs, tapes, or similar media. 

    Actual Costs

    Paper Copies:  There will be a charge of actual costs of copying at $.10 per page.

    $.10 per page

    Mailing:  The actual cost of mailing public documents will be reasonable and justifiable.  Expedited shipping or insurance will only be charged if stipulated by the requestor.

    Actual Cost

    Fee Waiver:   Information may be provided at no charge if the district determines that it is in the public interest.  The first $20 in fees must be waived: 1) If the information is for a non-profit organization, or b) By persons submitting an affidavit stating they are indigent or receiving public assistance.

    Fee Reduction

    Total Fee:

    Labor + Copies/Media + Mailing


    Submit Your FOIA Request to:

    Kim Svacha, Executive Assistant to the Supt.
    Hillsdale County ISD
    310 W. Bacon Street
    Hillsdale, MI 49242
    517.437.0990 ext. 115


    Timeframe for Request Fulfillment:

     Your request will be fulfilled within 5 days if determined that the timeframe is adequate.  If more time is necessary, notification will be provided of the necessary time extension of up to 10 additional days.

     Fee Appeal Process:

    In the event that the requestor believes he/she is being charged excessive fees, the requestor may appeal.   To appeal, follow the procedure below.

    1)     Make your appeal known to the Superintendent in written form. 

    2)     Issue the appeal to:

    Superintendent’s Office
    Hillsdale County ISD
    310 W. Bacon Street
    Hillsdale, MI 49242

    3)     You will receive written correspondence within 10 days indicating one of the following actions:

    a.     Waive the fee

    b.     Reduce the fee

    c.     Uphold the fee

    d.     Extend the time to respond by 10 business days

    Please Note:

    1.      With permission from the requestor, the HCISD will email information to save mailing fees or create a convenience for the requestor.

    2.      If you have questions, please contact Kim Svacha at 517.437.0990 ext. 115 or kim.svacha@hillsdale-isd.org.