Conscious Based Discipline®



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Conscious Based Discipline®

Discipline is a life long journey, not a technique. Enjoy it! –Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Bailey is the founder of Loving guidance and the Conscious Discipline® approach.


Introduction workshop to Conscious Discipline® will explore the following:

  1. Definition of Conscious Discipline®

“Discipline does not equal punishment. It is an emotional education: a way of teaching children to handle their own feelings and reminding them how to behave. The ultimate goal is to help children gain self-control. It is about making life predictable for children”.

  1. Conscious Discipline® Brain Model

 Conscious based Discipline Brain Picture Diagram

  1. Relationship Based Discipline-Focuses on connection and respect, and motivates from Love.
  2. Creating Safe environments- Focuses on the behaviors we expect and want from children.
  3. Focuses on maintaining and teaching self-control.


Conscious Discipline® Beliefs:

  • Mistakes are opportunities for learning. Children are either calling for love or giving love.
  • I must change myself first and model my expectation for others.



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